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As a thought leader in the alternative fueling industry, AFS is passionate about not only the continued education and learning of its internal team of experts, but also aims to create a more informed public regarding alternative fueling industry developments. Our staff is regularly featured at leading industry conferences, and we have authored a number of industry publications as well as case studies.

At AFS, we believe that constant learning is the only way to remain experts, and the best way to continue to provide the top-notch service that our clients have come to expect when working with our team. The AFS team of experts is eager to help your organization and is available by phone or email any time.

 American Fueling Systems Primary Research

  • Georgia Engineer Magazine

  • The demand for cleaner burning alternative fuels such as Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is growing at a staggering rate. More and more municipalities, counties and companies are starting to transition their fleets to run on CNG-powered vehicles primarily because of the low cost of fuel and the stability of price when compared to gasoline and diesel.
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  • DeKalb County Case Study

  • In 2012, American Fueling Systems (AFS) set out to build a flagship compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling facility unlike any other in the state of Georgia. AFS envisioned a facility that would spur demand for CNG and offer a pleasant user experience.
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